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  • Bradley Clarkson & Frances Amey -- Tom and Emma in 'TOM'

  • Elisha Lawrence-Bardsley -- Amy in 'Magic Girl'

  • Bradley Clarkson -- Tom in 'TOM'

  • Frances Amey & Robert Eldridge -- Emma and Alan in 'TOM'

  • Milli Taylor -- Emily in 'Postie'

  • Jason Bailey & Niki Felstead -- Ian and Steph in 'Magic Girl'

  • Tim J Henley -- Richard in 'Postie'

  • Tom Wontner -- Paul the Dentist in 'Dentally Does It'

  • Zach Dodd -- Josh in 'Postie'



Drama - 2013 - 14 mins - (Completed)


A short drama about family. After his parent’s put pressure on him, 30 year old Tom finally agrees to bring his new girlfriend round to meet them for the first time.

The film was shot in 2012 on the Panasonic GH2 camera using vintage Canon FD lenses. It is currently being submitted to film festivals.